Building Value Series 12 May 2020

While uncertainties remain with the COVID-19 crisis, there is a growing expectation a vaccine solution is on the way. On the business side, the world is collaborating and/or competing to figure out the new best practices for operations going forward.

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Building Value Series 31 Dec 2019

Getting to a signed LOI is an excellent milestone along the path to closing your sell-side M&A transaction. Yet it may only be the mid-point in the process. Two years ago, we posted an article on the working capital adjustment in M&A transactions. Today we are going to take a look at the due diligence that you, your management team, and your M&A advisor, should conduct on the Buyer.

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Building Value Series 27 Aug 2018

Building Value Series 29 Dec 2017

The working capital adjustment in M&A transactions is complex, easily misunderstood and generally gives rise to much debate and negotiations between the parties. At the same time, if you are well prepared, there is an opportunity to be successful with these negotiations, and equally important, keep the deal moving along to its Closing. 

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Building Value Series 13 Jan 2017

2017 is looking to be one of the strongest years for M&A transactions in Canada in the past decade. The US economy is growing stronger, the stock valuations of the public company buyers are high, the Canadian dollar is weak, interest rates are low and there is an abundance of capital.

Whether your company is worth $20 million or $200 million, if you are looking to sell in the next five years, here are a few trends and insights to keep in mind:

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Building Value Series 18 Jun 2015

If you are supplying products or services to the Oil & Gas industry, the next few years are expected to be the most challenging since the Great Recession. Today, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures have become more integral to the ongoing business plan than ever before. Unfortunately, deal flow in these sectors has dropped off dramatically, as buyers from outside the Oil & Gas regions of Western Canada view the area as turbulent and risky. Thus the options available today for local companies have been very much reduced.

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Building Value Series 12 Jun 2015

2015 and 2016 are shaping up to be strong years for M&A in the Manufacturing and Processing industries. The US economy looks strong, the Canadian dollar is weak, interest rates and oil prices are low and there is an abundance of capital. Finally, there is a new and disruptive industrial revolution underway with the convergence of industrial companies and software and analytics technologies. 

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Building Value Series 05 Sep 2014

Whether your company is worth $20 million or $200 million, chances are you have been called by people interested in buying your company. Perhaps you are talking with one or two buyer prospects right now.

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Building Value Series 09 Sep 2013

If you are the Owner or CEO of your company, chances are you get calls all the time from buyer prospects. You have likely heard about many deals getting done and have become aware of some of the valuation multiples being paid. Perhaps you are talking with one or two buyer prospects right now. So, how hard can it be to do it yourself?

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Building Value Series 20 Apr 2013

We believe now is a window of opportunity in the engineering and environmental sectors for mergers, divestitures and joint ventures. Some of the ‘partnering for progress’ benefits we see include:

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