Employee Share Ownership Plans

An employee share ownership plan (ESOP) can satisfy your succession related liquidity needs while ensuring continuation of your business. ESOPs have also been shown to improve employee performance and retention, resulting in a stronger and more valuable company.

To successfully implement an ESOP, we first take time to understand the goals and objectives of both you and your employees. With these goals and objectives in hand we next assess the value of the company, draft the key documents, including the unanimous shareholders agreement and work with all parties to get the deal done.

Our process includes:

  • Strategic assistance with developing plan objectives and strategies
  • Valuations, tax considerations, corporate restructuring
  • Personnel surveys, if desired
  • Unanimous shareholders agreement (USA)
  • Review of articles and bylaws
  • Employee presentations and other town hall meetings
  • Negotiation and implementation of ESOP
  • Liaison and direction of audit, tax and legal representatives

Ask us how we can save you time and money while implementing an ESOP that is mutually beneficial to you and your employees.

Management BuyOuts

A management buyout (MBO) can be a good way to achieve your succession plan while rewarding and motivating key employees.

These arrangements are usually well received by lenders, customers, suppliers, and other employees as the new owners are known to them and have a major equity stake in the business. As an independent advisor, Corplan is in a unique position to bring all parties together to structure a mutually beneficial agreement.

  • Strategic assistance with developing your MBO & LBO plans
  • Business analysis, valuation assistance and due diligence
  • Financial forecast modeling, including extensive “what if” scenarios
  • Assistance with the financing, which is typically required
  • Structuring and negotiating terms of the deal with both the employees and the banks
  • Liaison and direction of audit and legal representatives
  • Advisor to achieve closing, and to facilitate post-acquisition integration.

Ask us how we can save you time and money while implementing an MBO that is mutually beneficial to you and your employees.


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